Grant AguinaldoAs the Sherlock Holmes of environmental compliance, Grant Aguinaldo uses his vast and varied scientific background to crack some of the toughest cases in air quality compliance. Grant prides himself on making sense out of seemingly random pieces of information, solving current-day problems with modern-day techniques when many facilities are still using yesterday’s tech.

His proudest career moments have occurred when he was able to steer a frustrated client to a solution they hadn’t considered. And, like Sherlock Holmes, he’s always up for a challenge. “I once had a client tell me that dealing with the SCAQMD was like dying by a thousand paper cuts,” he recalls. “I really enjoy the opportunity to take a client from ‘The sky is falling!’ to ‘You know, it’s actually quite nice outside.'”

With degrees in engineering and chemistry, as well as certification in project management, Grant knows how to make sense of environmental regulations, both due to his training and his experience working in the refining industry. “Nothing is ever as cut-and-dry as people think,” says the scientist-turned-engineer, who takes a particular interest in managing the SCAQMD’s “gray areas.” “Clients think there’s only A or B. They’re always surprised — and delighted — to discover there’s actually an A.5,” he quips.

Grant holds master’s degrees in biochemistry and engineering from Cal State Long Beach and a bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Now a long-time Los Angeles resident, the Hawaii native enjoys expanding his palate and attempting to blend in with the locals while traveling.

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